#BOXED (prompt group box) 

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#BOXED( [ string ] ) [, AT( ) ] [, WHERE( expression ) ] [, CLEAR ] [, HIDE ] [, SECTION ]




Creates a group box of prompts.


A string constant containing the text to display as the group box caption.


Specifies the position of the group in the window, relative to the first prompt placed on the window from the Template (excluding the standard prompts on every procedure properties window). This attribute takes the same parameters as the Clarion language AT attribute.


Specifies the #BOXED is visible only for those instances where the expression is true.


An expression that specifies the condition for use.


Specifies the prompts symbol values are cleared when disabled.


Specifies the prompts are hidden if the WHERE expression is false when the dialog is first displayed. If no WHERE attribute is present, prompts are always hidden.


Specifies all AT() attributes for the prompts are positioned relative to the start of the #BOXED section.


One or more #PROMPT statements. This may also contain #DISPLAY, #VALIDATE, #ENABLE, #PREPARE, and #BUTTON statements.


Terminates the group box of prompts.

The #BOXED statement creates a group box displaying the string as its caption. If the WHERE attribute is present, the prompts are hidden or visible based upon the evaluation of the expression. If the expression is true, the prompts are visible, otherwise they are hidden.


#PROMPT('Pick One',OPTION),%InputChoice        #!These prompts on second page

#PROMPT('Choice One',RADIO)

#PROMPT('Choice Two',RADIO)

#BOXED('Choice Two Options'),WHERE(%InputChoice = 'Choice Two')

   #PROMPT('Screen Field',CONTROL),%SomeField

   #VALIDATE(%ScreenFieldType = 'LIST','Must select a list box')


See Also:     #PROMPT ,#VALIDATE