#POSTEMBED (generate ending embed point comments) 

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#POSTEMBED( text [, condition ] )


Generates comments at the end of embed point code.


A string constant or constant expression containing the text to place in the embed point.


An expression that, when true, allows the comments to generate.

The #POSTEMBED statement specifies that comments generate at the end of embed points that contain code. The output condition is usually the value of a global prompt.

The comment text may use the %EmbedID, %EmbedDescription, and %EmbedParameters built-in symbols to identify the embed point:


The current embed point's identifying symbol.


The current embed point's description.


The current embed point's current instance, as a comma-delimited list.


#POSTEMBED('! After Embed Point: ' & %EmbedID & ' ' & %EmbedDescription & ' ' & |