#SELECT (fix a multi-value symbol) 

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#SELECT( symbol, instance )


Fixes a multi-valued symbol to a particular instance number.


A multi-valued symbol.


An expression containing the number of the instance to which to fix.

The #SELECT statement fiXEs the current value of the multi-valued symbol to a specific instance. The result of #SELECT is exactly the same as #FIX. Each instance in the multi-valued symbol is numbered starting with one (1).

The instance must contain a valid instance number of one of the symbol's multiple values. If the instance is not valid, the symbol is cleared and contains no value when referenced. The INSTANCE built-in template procedure can return the instance number.

Unless #ADD has been used to add a new value and fix to that instance, #FIX or #SELECT must be used to set the value in a symbol before it contains any value for Template processing outside of a #FOR loop.


#SELECT(%File,1)     #!Fix to first %File instance


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