ABC Template Implementation 

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The BrowseUpdateButtons template generates references to EditClass objects as needed. One check box on the BrowseUpdateButtons control template enables default edit-in-place support for a given BrowseBox--any associated Form (update) procedure then becomes redundant.

If you accept the BrowseUpdateButtons default edit-in-place behavior, the generated code does not reference the EditClass, because the default edit-in-place behavior is implemented in the BrowseClass (see BrowseClass.AskRecord), and no additional generated code is needed.

If you use custom (Configure EditInPlace) edit-in-place behavior, the BrowseUpdateButtons template generates the code to instantiate the requested object (derived from the EditClass) and register the object with the BrowseClass object. The BrowseClass object then calls the registered EditClass object's methods as needed. See Control Templates--BrowseUpdateButtons for more information.