AddErrors (add or override recognized errors) 

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AddErrors( error block ), VIRTUAL


Adds entries to the Errors property from the error block passed to it.

error block

A GROUP whose first component field is a USHORT containing the number of error entries in the GROUP. Subsequent component fields define the error entries.

The AddErrors method receives error entries and adds them to the existing Errors property. These later added Error definitions "override" any earlier definitions with the same IDs. The "overridden" definitions are preserved for substitution into the %Previous macro symbol, and may be fully restored by removing the overriding error entries with the RemoveErrors method.

Implementation: AddErrors assumes the Errors property has already been created by Init or by some other method.

Each error block entry consists of a USHORT containing the error ID, a BYTE containing the severity level, a PSTRING containing the title to display on the error message window, and another PSTRING containing the error message text.


AppErrors GROUP

Number     USHORT(2)                          !number of errors in the group

          USHORT(Msg:RebuildKey)             !first error ID

          BYTE(Level:Notify)                 !severity level

          PSTRING('Invalid Key')             !window title

          PSTRING('%File key is invalid.')   !message text

          USHORT(Msg:RebuildFailed)          !second error ID

          BYTE(Level:Fatal)                  !severity level

          PSTRING('Key was not built')       !window title

          PSTRING('Repairing key for %File.')!message text


GlobalErrors ErrorClass                       !declare GlobalErrors object


GlobalErrors.Init                            !GlobalErrors initialization

GlobalErrors.AddErrors(AppErrors)            !add some app specific errors

Main                                         !call main procedure

GlobalErrors.Kill                            !GlobalErrors termination


See Also:     Init, Errors, RemoveErrors