AddHistoryFile (add restorable history file) 

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AddHistoryFile( record buffer, save buffer )


Adds a history file to the WindowManager object.

record buffer

The label of the history file's RECORD.

save buffer

The label of a STATIC variable declared LIKE(record buffer). The WindowManager saves to and restores from this variable.

The AddHistoryFile method adds a history file to the WindowManager object. AddHistoryFile sets the file's record buffer and a corresponding save buffer so the WindowManager can restore from the save buffer when the end user invokes the history key (or FrameBrowseControl ditto button).


The AddHistoryFile method names the file and record buffers from which fields are saved and restored. The AddHistoryField method associates specific fields from the history file with their corresponding WINDOW controls. The SaveHistory method saves a copy of the history fields. The RestoreField method restores the contents of a specific control.


ThisWindow.Init PROCEDURE()


!procedure code

 SELF.HistoryKey = CtrlR




See Also:     AddHistoryFile, HistoryKey, RestoreField, SaveHistory