Adding Procedure Extensions

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Extension and control templates provide additional functionality to basic procedure templates. Control templates give your procedure the ability to display and manage specific controls. For example a browse box may be added using a control template.

Extension templates give your procedure additional functionality not associated with specific controls. For example, date and time displays may be added using an extension template.

From the Procedure Properties dialog press the Extensions button to display the Extension and Control Templates dialog. This dialog displays a list of control and extension templates and the prompts associated with each template. Selecting a template on the left side of the dialog causes the prompts associated with the selected template to be displayed on the right side of the dialog.

Add extension templates by pressing the Insert button. Customize existing templates by filling in the prompts on the right side of the dialog.

Only Extension templates may be added and deleted using the Extensions button. Control templates may not be added or deleted, but may be modified. Control templates may be added or deleted from the Window Designer by adding or deleting their associated controls.