AddItem (add a RelationManager to transaction list) 

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AddItem( RM,cascadechildren )


Add the RelationManager object to the TransactionManager list queue.


The label of the RelationManager object.


An integer constant, variable, EQUATE, or expression that indicates whether the TransactionManager automatically includes any child tables defined by the Relationmanager object into the transaction processA value of one (1 or True) automatically includes all child tables; a value of zero (0 or False) excludes all child tables. If omitted, cascadechildren defaults to 1.


AddItem adds a reference to a RelationManager object to the TransactionManager’s protected TransactionManagerQueue. This, in effect adds (by default), all tables defined in the RelationManager object to the processing of the TransactionManager.



To include a primary table and its associated children in an impending TransactionManager process, you should call AddItem and specify the appropriate RelationManager object in the Init method of the WindowManager or ProcessManager.



IF SELF.Request<>ViewRecord  !for any update

 !activate the Roysched table, but not its defined child tables


 !but include the Titles table specifically




See Also: RelationManager.UseLogout