AddLocator (specify a locator)

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AddLocator( locator )


Specifies a locator object for a specific sort order.


The label of the locator object.

The AddLocator method specifies a locator object for the sort order defined by the preceding call to the AddSortOrder or SetSort method. Typically, you call the AddLocator method immediately after the AddSortOrder method.


The specified locator is sort order specific--it is enabled only when the associated sort order is active. The SetSort method applies or activates a sort order for the browse. Only one sort order is active at a time.


BrowseSt.AddSortOrder(BrowseSt:Step,StFile:ByCode)   !add sort order and

BrowseSt.AddLocator(BrowseSt:Locator)                !associated locator

BrowseSt:Locator.Init(?Loc,StFile:StCode,1,BrowseSt) !init locator object

See Also:     AddSortOrder, LocatorClass, SetSort