AddResetField (add a reset field to the last Level added)

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AddResetField( fieldlabel )


Identify a field to reset on the active break.


The label of a field that the break will reset

The AddResetField method identifies the field whose contents will be reset when a break is executed.


The AddResetField method is called after each break and level is added, directly following the AddLevel method. In the template interface, it is only active when the Reset on Break option is set to TRUE.


 BreakMgr.AddBreak()                 !First Break

 BreakMgr.AddLevel()                 !Auto assign level 1

 BreakMgr.AddResetField(PEO:Gender)  !Reset on break is active


 BreakMgr.AddBreak()                 !Second Break

 BreakMgr.AddLevel() !Break2


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