AddToolbarTarget (set the FormVCR toolbar)

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AddToolbarTarget( toolbar )


Registers the FormVCR object as a potential target of the specified toolbar.


The label of the ToolbarClass object that directs toolbar events to this FormVCRClass object.

The AddToolbarTarget method registers the FormVCRClass object as a potential target of the specified toolbar.

The ToolbarClass.SetTarget method sets the active target for a ToolbarClass object.


The Toolbar object for a FormVCR is the object that detects toolbar events, such as scroll down or page down, and passes them on to the active ToolbarTarget object. In the standard template implementation, there is a single global toolbar, and a Toolbar object per procedure that may drive several different browses and forms, each of which is a ToolbarTarget. Only one ToolbarTarget is active at a time.


 OPEN(QuickWindow)                                       ! Open window



 (?FormVCRControls,10,FormVCR6::View,Relate:people,SELF) ! Initialize the FormVCR manager

 FormVCR6.InsertWhenNoRecords = True






 Do DefineListboxStyle

 FormVCR6.AddSortOrder()                            !Add the sort order for  for sort order 1

! Controls like list boxes will resize, whilst controls like buttons will move


 SELF.AddItem(Resizer)                              ! Add resizer to window manager


 FormVCR6.AddToolbarTarget(Toolbar)                 ! Browse accepts toolbar control



 RETURN ReturnValue


See Also:     Toolbar, ToolbarItem, ToolbarClass.SetTarget