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The Data Dictionary is the central repository information concerning your application's data. The Dictionary file--.DCT--stores file names, file structures, file relations, file aliases and views, field names, lengths, and data types, field validity checks, field entry pictures, keys, indexes, plus much more such as status bar help messages by field and default prompt values by field.

The Application Generator uses the Data Dictionary to generate source code, such as file declarations, which it places in the data section of the generated source code files. It also uses the dictionary to provide, for example, entry pictures when formatting entry dialogs for the end user.

The menu commands available from within the Dictionary Editor are identical to the menu commands of the main IDE. Many dialog in the Dictionary Editor have Help buttons which you can press to view a help topic specifically about that dialog (the F1 key calls the same topic when the dialog is open).

Note that some of the commands, most notably on the Project and Setup menus, do not specifically reference Dictionary Editor functions. Because the Project System and the Registries are always active, their menu commands are always available.

Here are the keys sections of the Dictionary Editor:

Dictionary Explorer

Entity Browser

Dictionary Quick View


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