ADO Defined


ADO is a Microsoft technology, and stands for ActiveX Data Objects. It is a high-level programming interface used to access data in a database. ADO is designed as an easy-to-use application level interface to Microsoft's low-level data access interface, OLE DB.

The Clarion ADO classes and templates were created to provide access to the MS ADO database connectivity layer. While not specifically a database driver, it is accessed in a similar manner. As such, intrinsic data file operations will not function and require that the provided class methods and templates be used.

ADO is automatically installed with Microsoft IIS as an Active X component. ADO is a common way to access a database from inside a web page (like an ASP page). For example, to connect to a database inside an ASP page:



Create an ADO connection to a database


Open the database connection


Create an ADO recordset


Open the recordset


Extract the data you need from the recordset


Close the recordset


Close the connection


The important thing to note here is the specific opening and closing of the database connection. Failure to specifically close an ADO connection can result in memory leakage.