Advanced Report Generation

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To implement advanced report generation, include the appropriate extension (linked below) to your Global section of your application. Next, you can modify, enable, and disable each target document output on the procedure level of each report. The report to document procedure template has options and controls unique to each specific format. Each report procedure’s Report Properties includes a Report Targets tab option to designate default output targets and different runtime options.

Advanced report generation supports multiple document output capability for each target report. For example, you can have one report that only redirects output to a PDF (Portable Document File) file format, another report that redirects output to HTML and XML only, based on the user’s selection. You can even configure another report to let the user choose between all formats: PDF, HTML, XML, plain text (TXT), and the usual report output directly to printer!


Report to HTML Support Extension

Report to PDF Support Extension

Report to TXT Support Extension

Report to XML Support Extension


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