Advanced Topics

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In this section you'll find a list of many of the advanced features you can easily add to your application. Each topic is located in the main Help file where you'll find details on exactly how to implement the desired functionality.


Listbox sort by header

See the Extended Options of the Browse Box template.


Greenbar effect

See the Styles section for using styles in a Browse Box to emulate a Greenbar effect


Adding Graphing

Check out the new Business Graphing templates


Rich-Edit Text

New and improved Rich Text Controls


Advanced QBE

New and improved Query-by-Example interface


Advanced SQL options

More control on the SQL you use in your Browse Procedures


Additional Sort Fields for Browse, Report, and Process procedures.


ENTER/TAB Field Navigation


ADO support


Advanced Report Generation


Dictionary Triggers


Business Rules


Registry Storage


Calendar Support


Browse Sort Order Button


Reports from Queue and Memory