Anchor and Grow Resize Example

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The following example illustrates the power of using anchor and grow resizing with nested GROUP controls.

In the example window shown below:


A = Anchor

G = Grow

L = Left

^ = To Top (T)

T = Top

> = To Right(R)

R = Right

v = To Bottom (B)

B = Bottom

< = To Left (L)


So AL = Anchor Left, GR = Grow Right, etc.

This window shows a series of boxes. If the boxes share the same color, they are surrounded by a GROUP control. Each BOX and GROUP anchor setting is illustrated.

The result of these settings is that resizing this window in any direction will produce proportional resizing of all BOX controls without overlapping.

The trick to resizing a complex window similar to this one is by using the proper GROUP controls mixed with the proper anchor and grow settings.