AppendOrder (refine a sort order)

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AppendOrder( expression list ), VIRTUAL


Refines the active sort order for the ViewManager object.

expression list

A string constant, variable, EQUATE, or expression that contains an ORDER expression list. See the Language Reference for more information.

The AppendOrder method refines or extends the active sort order for the ViewManager object.

The SetSort method sets the active sort order.


The ViewManager implements sort orders with the VIEW's ORDER attribute. The AppendOrder method appends the expression list to the active sort order's expression list. You do not need to prepend a comma or other separator to the expression list. Prepending the expression list with a "*" completely replaces a previously appended sort order.

The ViewManager AddRange method calls the ViewManager PRIVATE SetFreeElement method. The SetFreeElement method completely replaces any previous contents of the ViewManager order property. Therefore, to modify the order of the result set, any AppendOrder statements MUST follow the AddRange statement (if used).


MyView.AddSortOrder(ORD:ByCustomer)               !sort by customer no

MyView.AppendOrder('CUST:CustName')               !and customer name

See Also:     AddSortOrder , SetSort, AddRange