Application Generator Toolbar Buttons

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The Application Generator displays a number of toolbar buttons to allow quick access to a variety of fundamental features. Most of these button functions are also accessible using standard menu or keyboard commands. Some of these buttons are also available in other areas of the Clarion IDE.


 Save and Close

Saves the active file to disk, and closes the application



Closes the application and aborts all changes in the active session.



Saves the active file to disk, and keeps the application opened.


 Show Data Pad

Toggles the opening and closing of the Data/Tbles Pad


 Run Utility Template

Opens the Select Utility Template dialog.


 Expand/Contract Application Tree

Used to expand and contract the Application Tree


 Invoke Embed Editor

Opens the Embed Editor for the currently selected procedure.


 Toggle Procedure Tree Mode

Toggles between the Module and Procedure Tree Mode View.