ApplyRange (conditionally range limit and filter the result set)

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The ApplyRange method applies the range limits and calls the ApplyFilter method if the range limits have changed. The ApplyRange method returns a value indicating whether or not a change occurred. A return value of one (1 or True) indicates a change; a return value of zero (0 or False) indicates no change.

The AddRange method specifies the range limits for the ViewManager object. The SetSort method sets the active sort order.


The ApplyRange method applies range limits and filters with the ApplyFilter method.

Return Data Type:     BYTE


MyView.AddSortOrder(ORD:ByCustomer)                       !sort by customer no

MyView.AddRange(ORD:CustNo,Relate:Orders,Relate:Customer) !range limit by parent file

!program code

MyView.ApplyRange                                         !apply the range limit

MyView.Next()                                             !get next, subject to range

See Also:     SetSort ,AddRange, ApplyFilter