Ask (display Windows file dialog)

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Ask( [ file queue] [, restore path ] )


Displays the Windows file dialog.

file queue

The label of a QUEUE structure that receives information for the selected files. The structure must be the same as the SelectFileQueue structure declared in ABUTIL.INC. If omitted, the end user may select only one file, for which the Ask method returns the full pathname.

restore path

An integer constant, variable, EQUATE, or expression that indicates whether to restore the current path to its pre-file dialog state. A restore path value of one (1) restores the current path; a value of zero (0) does not restore the current path. If omitted, restore path defaults to zero (0).

The Ask method displays the Windows file dialog and returns information, primarily the full pathname, for the selected file or files.


The file queue parameter must name a QUEUE that begins the same as the SelectFileQueue structure declared in ABUTIL.INC:

SelectFileQueue QUEUE,TYPE

Name             STRING(File:MaxFilePath)

ShortName        STRING(File:MaxFilePath)


Return Data Type:     STRING


FileQ      SelectFileQueue       !declare FileName QUEUE

FileQCount BYTE


!program code

SelectFile.Ask(FileQ,0)         !multi file dialog, don't restore directory

LOOP FileQCount=1 TO RECORDS(FileQ) !for each selected file

 GET(FileQ,FileQCount)          !get the file information

 MESSAGE(FileQ.Name)            !process the file



FileNames = SelectFile.Ask(1)   !single file dialog, restore directory