AskProperties (pop up window to set properties)

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AskProperties( ), BYTE


Allow the user to set properties before printing.

The AskProperties method is used to pop up a window that allows a user to set properties defining how the output is to be generated. The AskProperties method returns one (1) if the OK button is pressed and printing will proceed. If the Cancel button is pressed, the AskProperties method returns zero (0) and printing will not proceed.

Return Data Type:     BYTE


IF SELF.ReportTarget.AskProperties(True) = Level:Benign THEN

 SELF.WMFParser.Init(SELF.ImageQueue, SELF.ReportTarget, SELF.Errors)

 ReturnValue = SELF.WMFParser.GenerateReport()

 IF ReturnValue = Level:Benign THEN

  IF SELF.ReportTarget.SupportResultQueue()=True THEN

   ReturnValue = SELF.ProcessResultFiles(SELF.OutputFileQueue)



 RETURN ReturnValue