Input Key Dialog


Use this dialog to specify a key, or key combination, for a hot key (KEY attribute) or an alert key (ALRT attribute):


Press the desired key or key combination (for example, CTRL+H). The keys you pressed will appear in the Key field, and will be supplied as parameters to the KEY or ALRT attribute for this control.


The ESC, ENTER, and TAB keys cannot be specified by pressing them. For these keys, press the ellipsis (...) button and type "esc," "enter," or "tab."


Optionally, add additional keys to your key sequence by checking the Ctrl, Alt, or Shift boxes, or any combination of the three.


Mouse clicks may be used within the key sequence; however, mouse clicks cannot be specified by clicking the mouse. For mouse clicks, check the corresponding check box(es). For example, to act on a double-click, check the Left Button box and the Double Click box.