ASP.Net Web Forms

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The ASP.Net Designer has three possible Views. Note the Tab text at the lower left of the Design workspace; HTML and Design. You can work directly in the Design view, but you can also work directly with the HTML that the Designer creates for you.

There is also an Outline View. To access this view, select the Document Outline view located in the IDE’s View menu.


Designer Components:



The Toolbox contains a list of all valid controls available for the active window or report. There are five categories. The Windows Forms category contains the native .NET controls available. The Data category

Controls can also be populated from the Data Sources View, and automatically binds that control to the target data element. See the Data Sources topic for more information.

Design Area

This is the area where the visual window and associated controls are populated.

Component Area

This is the area where non-visual components are located. Clicking on the target component displays associated properties in the Property View.

Property View

Contains a detailed list of all property and events associated with the active highlighted control or window.


To access the active control or window’s available events, click on the lightning bolt button found in the property View toolbar.

Alignment Toolbar

A series of alignment options are located in the toolbar located at the top of the Design Area. Click here to see more information regarding these options.