Batch Synchronization

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For every synchronization, the Dictionary Synchronizer creates a log called synlog.txt in the root directory of the current drive (root:\synlog.txt). This log serves two purposes: it can be used to rerun a synchronization in batch mode, and it should be submitted with any bug reports along with the synchronized data dictionaries to aid in the debugging process.

After you finish a synchronization (either successfully or unsuccessfully), you can use this log file to automatically rerun the synchronization in batch mode. This can save lots of time for large or repetitive synchronization tasks.

To Synchronize in batch mode:


Copy or rename the root:\synlog.txt to another location (otherwise the next synchronization will overwrite it).


Run the synchroniser from the IDE and on the first screen select "Rerun Previous Synchronization". Select the synlog.txt file that you copied or renamed in Step 1.