Debugging Your ODBC Application

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When you use the ODBC Accelerator Driver, the ODBC Administrator can create a log file documenting all calls made by the ODBC Accelerator Driver. It includes the actual SQL statements made by the ODBC driver to the data source, and includes any errors posted. This administrator logging slows down your program considerably, so it should only be activated during testing. Additionally, the log file can grow to large proportions very quickly, so you should turn logging off and delete the log file after using it.

Besides "snooping" on the actual SQL statements generated by the driver, you can zero in on any errors. For example, if the application is unable to connect, you can open the log file, scroll to the bottom of the file, then work up until you find the word "SQLError."

See Microsoft's ODBC documentation (ODBCINST.HLP--ODBC Options Dialog Box) for instructions on using the ODBC Administrator logs.