Database Browser Menu Commands


The Database Browser allows you direct access to data files without requiring you to create an application. The only entry constraint is the data type assigned to a column.

The Database Browser offers neither data Validity Checking nor Referential Integrity Constraints. This is a programmer's tool; there are no controls to prevent you from making changes that could compromise the integrity of the database.

The IDE menu is not associated with any activity of the Database Browser. Some of the menu commands, most notably on the Build and Tools menus, do not specifically reference Database Browser functions. Because the Project System and the Registries are always active, their menu commands are always available.


Access to the Database Browser is accomplished by any of the following actions.


Using the Start Page Tables link:


From the DCT Explorer, press the Browse Table toolbar button:


From the IDE Menu, select Tools > Browse Table


Database Browser Toolbar

The Database Browser toolbar has three simple options:


Use this option to open additional tables. Each table is opened on a separate MDI tab control.


Press the Save button to save any changes that you have made to the table. As you close the table, changes not saved will be detected and you will be prompted to save any changes.

Tables in an unsaved state are marked with an asterisk ( * ) on the IDE Tab control.

Display Order

The drop list displays all defined keys of the selected table, and in addition also includes simple Record Order. Select an option from the drop list to change the sort order of the active table.


Editing Options

The new Database Browser uses a .NET Data Grid control to display the active file contents.

To edit any column, simply double-click on it. Press the Enter key, or click on another column to complete the edit session. Press the Save button on the toolbar to permanently save the changes.

To delete any record, click on the left most "selection" column on the row to select the entire row, and press the Delete key on your keyboard.

To add a new record, scroll down to the bottom of the table, or press CTRL + END on your keyboard. There you will see an empty row where you can add new data.


Find and Filter Options

The new Database Browser also includes advanced locator and filtering options.

Find Options

Filter Options