Filter Dialog


The Database Browser contains a powerful Filter dialog. Use this dialog to range limit a group of records that match your criteria.

You can use the "assisted" dialog (shown above) to filter records based on a simple expression.

If your filter expression is more complex, check the Free Form box and entire the desired search criteria.

Some rules when using the free form style:


If the file has a prefix the Filter expression requires the use of [ ] as in [prefix:fieldname]


String values on the right hand side of the expression must be enclosed in single quotes.


LIKE can use either % or * for a wildcard at front or back of the value:

e.g., LIKE '%test', LIKE '*test', LIKE '%est%'


The IN operator takes a list of values enclosed in parentheses:

e.g., LastName IN ('Bagley','Cade'), Zipcode IN (33062, 33358)

Press the Apply Filter button to execute the query and display the filtered records in the view window.

Press the Remove Filter button to clear all filter values and display all records of the table.