Business Math Library Example Application

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This topic provides a look at the example application supplied with the Clarion Business Math Library. The example application demonstrates a real world implementation of many of the Business Math functions. Some implementations are done with Code templates and others are done by hand code.

Exploring the Example Application

The example Business Math application is installed in the \(Clarion Root)\Examples\BizMath folder. Files comprising the example are:


Application File


Dictionary File


Sample Data File

To run the example program, DOUBLE-CLICK on the BUSMATH.EXE file. Look at the options under the Finance menu and the Statistics menu. You will see the following business functions:


Value of Money

This procedure presents a time value of money equation and solves for the variable you specify. This solution is implemented with conditional hand-coded calls to PV &PREPV, PERS & PREPERS, RATE & PRERATE, PMT & PREPMT, and FV & PREFV.

Interest Calculations

This procedure presents various types of interest calculations including simple interest, compound interest, continuously compounding interest, and annual percentage rate (APR). This solution is implemented using embedded Coded templates for each calculation.

Loan Amortization

This procedure presents loan terms (principal amount, interest rate, number of years, etc.) and generates a loan payment schedule, breaking down each payment into principal and interest components. This solution is implemented with hand coded repeating calls to the AMORTIZE function.

Cash Flow Analysis (BrowseInvestments)

This procedure calculates the internal rate of return and the net present value of an initial investment and its resulting income stream. This solution is implemented with hand-coded initialization code followed by Code template calls to NPV (Net Present Value) and IRR (Internal Rate of Return) functions.



Linear Regression Analysis (BrowseStatisticsPairedDataItems)

This procedure presents a linear regression analysis of paired coordinates, calculating the correlation coefficient and the sum of squares for the X coordinate, the Y coordinate, and for both. This solution is implemented with Code template calls to functions SS, SSXY, and to RVALUE.

Data Set Analysis (BrowseStatisticsSingleDataItems)

This procedure presents various statistical indicators for a data set including mean, median, midrange, mode, standard deviation, variance, etc. This solution is implemented with Code template calls to the respective statistical functions.


Classroom Data Example

This procedure presents the same information as the Data Set Analysis procedure as applied to a typical classroom grade book. This solution is also implemented with Code template calls to the respective statistical functions.