Business Rules Manager

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The Business Rules Manager Class and Templates provide a mechanism for you to define Clarion logic "rules", which are applied at runtime and can be evaluated. Each rule is associated with a data column and any event that references the data column will cause the rule to be evaluated. When a rule is evaluated it can pass or fail. Based upon your template prompt choices a failure can display an indictor next to the control that displays the referenced data column. Additionally rules can be defined and located in a resource DLL and utilized in many applications, thus reducing maintenance.


A detailed example application (RULES.APP) that demonstrates all features of this template set can be found in the \(Clarion Root)\EXAMPLES\BIZRULES folder. It also relies on another application (DBRULES.APP) that is used to link to a target DLL that stores all of the business rules information.


For more detailed information, refer to the Business Rules template help topic.