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DRIVER('SQLDriver', '/BUSYMESSAGE = str ' )

[ Busy" = ] SEND(file, '/ BUSYMESSAGE [ = str ]' )

file{PROP:BusyMessage} = str

Valid for MSSQL and ODBC drivers only. The str parameter indicates the message to use when a busy connection is detected.

Use this driver string to set the string the driver should look for to detect a busy connection. The default message the driver looks for is "[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Connection is busy with results for another hstmt".

MSSQL and ODBC do not return a unique error code for the busy connection error. Therefore, the driver is forced to use default error text to detect the busy error. This text changes depending on the language your user's MSSQL is set up to use. BUSYMESSAGE allows the programmer to detect a consistent busy message, regardless of language version of MS SQL or ODBC that is used.