ChangeAction(execute change record process)

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ChangeAction, VIRTUAL

The ChangeAction method performs the necessary database change or update operations when called. ChangeAction returns Level:Benign to indicate successful a change operation.


The ChangeAction method is called by the TakeCompleted method when Request is set to ChangeRecord.


Return Data Type:     BYTE




WindowManager.TakeCompleted PROCEDURE



 CASE SELF.Request

 OF InsertRecord

   RETURN SELF.InsertAction()

 OF ChangeRecord

   RETURN SELF.ChangeAction()

 OF DeleteRecord

   RETURN SELF.DeleteAction()

 OF SaveRecord

    CASE SELF.OriginalRequest

    OF InsertRecord

       RETURN SELF.SaveOnInsertAction()

    OF ChangeRecord

       RETURN SELF.SaveOnChangeAction()



 RETURN Level:Benign


See Also:     TakeCompleted , Request , InsertRecord , DeleteRecord