ChildRead (child record read)

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The ChildRead property returns the "instance count" of the ChildFileClass for the current process/report. For example, each time a new ChildFileClass is added to the process or report, a sequential instance number is allocated (starting from 1). The second instance will be 2 and so on.

ChildRead is incremented and decremented by the ProcessClass.Next method, and initialized by the ProcessClass.Reset method.


ThisWindow.Init PROCEDURE



 CF5:Level = ThisReport.AddItem(CF5:ViewManager,1)   ! Returns 1

 CF9:Level = ThisReport.AddItem(CF9:ViewManager,2)   ! Returns 2


ThisReport.TakeRecord PROCEDURE


 CASE SELF.ChildRead

 OF 0


 OF CF5:Level

   ! Do something with this child record of the first ChildFileclass


 OF CF9:Level

   ! Do something with this child record of the second ChildFileclass




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