Clarion.NET Custom Controls

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This section presents a detailed description of the custom controls found in the WinForms Designer’s Custom Components Toolbox section:



Some of the controls shown above have been moved to the Designer’s Clarion.NET Controls Toolbox section


This component is the Clarion implementation of the .Net DataTable component. It represents one table of in-memory data.


The ClaFileDataAdapter is the Clarion implementation of the .Net DataAdapter class that supports the filling of a DataSet with data from a FILE/VIEW structure.

More details regarding the implementation of this component can be found here.


An implementation of the Clarion Entry control (see ENTRY control) Constrains the format of user input and includes support for all Clarion Picture Tokens. Supports .NET Data Binding.


Displays a graphical button that supports color gradients and special effects when selecting.

List Control

An implementation of the Clarion List control (see LIST control)

Includes support for all Clarion Picture Token. Supports virtual mode and .NET Data Binding.

ClaPrintDocument Class

Inherits from the .NET System.Drawing.Printing PrintDocument class

Defines a reusable object that sends output to a printer, when printing from a Windows Forms application.