Clarion.NET Designers

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Between Clarion Win32 and Clarion.NET we have five (5) new Designers.

The Report Designer is shared by Clarion Win32 and Clarion.NET. In other words both platforms; Win32 and .NET can use and share the same reports.

Clarion Win32 has a Window Designer for all Win32 applications. It is designed to access and generate appropriate WINDOW and APPLICATION structures.

In Clarion.NET, all window structures are contained in a predefined set of declarations. All of these components are created for you via templates or Quick Starts, and an available design tab is shown at the bottom of the document workspace:



The Clarion.NET designers make window and report design an easy task.

In Clarion.NET, there are Designers for Windows Applications (WinForms), ASP.NET applications Web Forms, and application for the Compact Framework (Compact Forms).

Early on we made a design decision to ensure that all the Designers would share the same User Interface, so anyone who learns one Designer will have the same experience with any of the other Designers. The most obvious piece is the Properties Grid which is common to all the Designers. The Designer Toolbars also share almost the exact same UI.

Learn them once and you’re ready to use any of the Designers. There are a lot of great new features in the Designers, like the "Snap Lines" Grid option.


Click below to access the appropriate Clarion# designer:


WinForm Designer

ASP.NET Web Form

Compact Forms

Report Designer