Close (close a file and any related files)

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Close( cascading ), VIRTUAL, PROC


Closes this object's primary file (see Me) and any related files.


A numeric constant, variable, EQUATE, or expression that indicates whether this method was called by itself (recursive). A value of zero (0) indicates a non-recursive call; a value of one (1) indicates a recursive call. This allows the method to stop when it has processed all the related files in a circular relationship. If omitted, cascading defaults to zero (0). You should always omit this parameter when calling the Close method from your program.

The Close method closes this object's primary file (see Me) if no other procedure needs it, and any related files, and returns a value indicating its success or failure.


The Close method uses the FileManager.Close method to close each file. The Close method returns the FileManager.Close method's return value. See File Manager Class for more information.

Return Data Type:     BYTE



Relate:Customer.Open      !open Customer and related files

!program code             !process the files

Relate:Customer.Close     !close Customer and related files

See Also:     FileManager.Close