Converting Applications from Clarion 6

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The conversion of your Clarion 6 applications is straightforward and simple. All that you need to do is open them in the Clarion Win32 IDE. The Clarion 6 Application will be automatically backed up to a *.6pp file, and a new Clarion Win32 application will be created.

You can even merge multi-DLL applications into a single solution! The application converter detects all references and prompts you to load and convert additional applications. Simply start with the main executable application, and all referenced applications will be detected and optionally loaded if you wish.

The process of building a solution first checks for linked DLLs in the application's project information.

Next, for each library included in the project, it checks if the library is not excluded from automatic project creation. If the library is not excluded, the name of the library built with a DLL or APP is searched in the same directory of the first application. If the application is found, a project is created and is linked to the original project and to the solution.

A recursion of the above application's search is started based on each application added.

Only applications linked in some way to the first application will be added into the solution. You can have any number of application files in one directory, but if they are not linked then they will not be added to the solution.

You can stop this recursion at any time after the first application is opened if you want to just open that application and it will stop the recursion in the first application.

In order to ensure a smooth conversion and build of your applications, make sure to remove all source files generated by the earlier application version. Delete or backup all CLW and INC files, as well as any old solution (*.SLN) or C7 Project (*.CWPROJ) files that you may have created in an earlier Clarion Win32 version.

Clarion Win32 uses full naming conventions and some Clarion 6 applications use the old 8.2 format. so to ensure consistency delete any generated files before building the first time