CreateDirectory (Create a directory)

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CREATEDIRECTORY( directoryname )


Create a new directory


A string constant or variable that stores the directory name


CREATEDIRECTORY creates a new directory with the name passed in the directoryname parameter. CREATEDIRECTORY returns zero (0) if successful, and non-zero if not. You can query the ERRNO built-in function to trap for the following error codes:

3 – Path not found (One of the higher path components in directoryname)

5 – Access Denied (Possible Security Rights)

183 – Directory Already Exisits



On some Windows versions, any attempt to create multiple levels of directories

(For example. ‘C:\dir1\dir2\dir3’) will fail, but the error code will not be returned correctly. CREATEDIRECTORY will still post a non-zero value, which you can use to trap and post a generic "Directory Not Created" error.


To add this function to your existing applications, you need only include the CWUTIL.INC file in the Global Map section of your program:



Return Data Type:    BYTE




GLO:NewDirectoryName    STRING(200)





  errno(),*SIGNED,NAME('__errno__')   !prototype built-in error flag




!Make sure project define has _ABCLinkMode_=>1



 GLO:NewDirectoryName = CLIP('C:\Temp')


 IF CreateDirectory(GLO:NewDirectoryName)

  CASE Errno()

  OF 3

   MESSAGE('Path Not Found')

  OF 5

   MESSAGE('Access Denied')

  OF 183

   MESSAGE('Directory Already Exists')



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