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Specify which Project configuration options you wish to set. Select Build or Release from the drop list provided. To change the Build target, use the Build/Set Configuration menu option.


Current default is AnyCPU.

Target Name

The output filename of the project. The Project System will use the description next to the Project name in the Project View tree list. It will also be the default project target filename (<output name.output.type>). Macros are allowed, but only %V%, %X% and %L%.

Output Path

The default target is based on the Project folder name and Build Configuration (e.g., <projectfolder>\debug or <projectfolder>\release). Use this option to specify an alternative target path where the target EXE, LIB, or DLL will be copied to. The only time you might want to use this is if you want to temporarily output a program you are creating to a different directory to preserve an old executable.

Output Type

Specify the type of executable file: choose .EXE, .LIB, or .DLL from the Target Type drop down list.

When changing the output type for an application, make sure that the application is opened in the Application Generator.

Link Mode

Specifies how the runtime library is called by the target file: choose DLL LIB, or CustomDLL from the Link Mode drop down list.:



Uses the Clarion runtime library DLL (and database driver(s) .DLLs). It is called ClaRUN.DLL.


Links the runtime library and any database drivers into your executable using Smart Method Linking (only the necessary portions are linked in). This creates a "one-piece" executable.


Specifies that another External DLL contains the runtime libraries and database drivers. CustomDll means that all of the Clarion runtime DLLs have been built into a DLL that the user (you) has provided. As such no file drivers can be linked into the project. CustomDLL is essentially useless for template driven applications unless its your own custom template chain that doesn't add any of the Clarion drivers. The CustomDll setting is best suited for hand coders.The calls to this DLL must be exported.


Application icon

By inserting .ICO files after the Application icon item, you can link the icons into your executable so they do not have to be shipped separately.

Project Information

Displays the Project folder, Project file and Output name. These items are read-only.