Database Drivers

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Choosing the Right Database Driver

Common Database Driver Features

Driver Strings


ASCII Database Driver

Basic Database Driver

Btrieve Database Driver

Clarion Database Driver

Clipper Database Driver

dBaseIII Database Driver

dBaseIV Database Driver

DOS Database Driver

FoxPro / FoxBase Database Driver

TopSpeed Database Driver


SQL Accelerator drivers:

SQL Accelerator Drivers

ODBC Accelerator Driver

Pervasive (formerly Scalable) SQL Accelerator Driver

MSSQL Accelerator

SQLAnywhere Accelerator


Drivers available Separately:

Oracle Accelerator


Data Independence

Clarion achieves database independence with its built-in driver technology, which lets you access data from virtually any file system using the same set of Clarion language commands. Many file drivers are available and more are being added.

Before you can use a database driver, it must be registered. The database drivers in this package are pre-registered. See the User's Guide--Configuring the Environment for more information on registering add-on database drivers.

The Clarion language commands for accessing data are the same regardless of the file system you use; simply choose the appropriate file driver from the drop-down list in your Data Dictionary, then don't worry about it. The file driver translates the Clarion commands to the chosen file system's native format. The drivers read and write in the file system's native format without temporary files or import/export routines.