DeleteItem (remove menu item)

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DeleteItem( name )


Deletes a popup menu item.


A string constant, variable, EQUATE, or expression containing the menu item name. The AddItem, AddItemMimic, or AddMenu methods set the item name.

The DeleteItem method deletes a popup menu item and any associated submenu items.

Implementation: The name parameter accepts up to 1024 characters.


PopupMgr.AddItem('&Insert','Insert')         !Insert item

PopupMgr.AddItem('&Change','Change')         !Change item

PopupMgr.AddItem('&Delete','Delete')         !Delete item

PopupMgr.AddItem('&Select','Select')         !Select item

IF No_Records_Found

 PopupMgr.DeleteItem('Change')            !remove change item

 PopupMgr.DeleteItem('Delete')            !remove delete item

 PopupMgr.DeleteItem('Select')            !remove select item


See Also:     AddItem, AddItemMimic, AddMenu