Development Web Server

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The Development Web Server feature is incorporated into the ASP.NET Quick Starts. By selecting this option, you can Build and Run your ASP.NET projects directly from the IDE, and launch them without the need to configure an IIS Virtual Directory.

In this same Quick Starts section, you can also specify either a system generated or user assigned port number.

The Development Web Server supports all special ASP.Net project sub-folders:











More information on the contents of these folders can be found here.


The Development Web Server is completely independent of the code behind language (Clarion#, C#,etc.) and can be started outside of the IDE by using the following syntax:


DevWebServer <physicalPath> <virtualPath> <port> <defaultDoc>



The Development Web Server requires that following DLL be copied into the GAC (Global Assembly Cache)::




This is automatically performed by the Clarion.NET install.