DisplayButtons (enable appropriate toolbar buttons:ToolbarReltreeClass)

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DisplayButtons, VIRTUAL

The DisplayButtons method enables and disables the appropriate toolbar buttons for the ToolbarReltreeClass object based on the values of the HelpButton, InsertButton, ChangeButton, DeleteButton, and SelectButton properties.

Implementation:     The TakeToolbar method calls the DisplayButtons method.



Toolbar.Init                                   !initialize Toolbar object

 ToolBar.AddTarget( ToolBarForm, -1 )          !register an Update Form target

 Toolbar.AddTarget( REL1::Toolbar, ?RelTree )  !register a RelTree target

 ToolBar.SetTarget( ?RelTree )                 !calls DisplayButtons via TakeToolbar

!program code


MyToolbarReltreeClass.DisplayButtons PROCEDURE  !a derived class virtual


DISABLE(Toolbar:History)                      !disable toolbar ditto button

ENABLE(Toolbar:Locate)                        !enable locator button

PARENT.DisplayButtons                         !call base class DisplayButtons

!your custom code here


See Also:     HelpButton, InsertButton, ChangeButton, DeleteButton, SelectButton, TakeToolbar