DisplayButtons (enable appropriate toolbar buttons:ToolbarTarget)

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DisplayButtons, VIRTUAL

The DisplayButtons method enables and disables the appropriate toolbar buttons for the ToolbarTarget object based on the values of the HelpButton, InsertButton, ChangeButton, DeleteButton, and SelectButton properties.


The ToolbarListboxClass.TakeToolbar, ToolbarRelTreeClass.TakeToolbar, and ToolbarUpdateClass.TakeToolbar methods call the DisplayButtons method. The DisplayButtons method appropriately enables and disables toolbar buttons common to all ToolbarTarget objects.


MyToolbarListboxClass.DisplayButtons PROCEDURE


PARENT.DisplayButtons              !Call base class DisplayButtons

!your custom code here


See Also:     HelpButton, InsertButton, ChangeButton, DeleteButton, SelectButton, TakeToolbar, ToolbarRelTreeClass.TakeToolbar, ToolbarUpdateClass.TakeToolbar