DLL Deployment Example

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The following example applications demonstrate how to break up a large application into manageable smaller applications, link these applications into DLLs (Dynamic Linked Libraries), and reference them from a central application (linked to an executable)


These applications are located in the following folder, and are described below:




This application is the "global" application, where all file structures and Global template data can be referenced by the other applications.



As the application name implies, this application contains all reports referenced by the main application, and also imports ALLFILES.DLL as the reference for data sources.


This application contains all Browses and Forms used by the main application.



This application is the main executable target. The only procedures native to this application are the main menu and splash screen. All other procedures referenced by this application are located in a DLL.


For more information regarding DLL Deployment Strategies, please see the Development and Deployment topic in the Online User’s Guide.