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This release of Clarion introduces a new and better template-based interface for adding Edit-In-Place capabilities to your desired applications. In addition, those familiar with the older standard of EIP implementation can still use the same logic in Clarion 6 applications.


Both methods are controlled by the Global Classes override options. The EIP Configuration has a special Template Interface prompt that controls the level of configuration that you can apply to your target browse. Select Original to control EIP behavior with limited template prompt control. Select Detailed for more specific control for each column that has EIP enabled.


Two applications demonstrate this. Each one is located in the

\(Clarion Root)\EXAMPLES\HowTo-ABC\EIP folder.



This application uses the standard implementation method and template interface found in versions prior to Clarion7 (Original). It is provided here to offer a comparison to the new method.



This application uses the detailed implementation method and template interface found in Clarion6.