EditTextClass: Overview

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The EditTextClass is an EditClass that supports memo and large string fields by way of an edit-in-place COMBO control.

EditTextClass Concepts

The EditTextClass creates a COMBO control with an ellipsis button that invokes a text dialog.

The EditTextClass also signals the calling procedure whenever significant edit-in-place events occur, such as tabbing to a new column, cancelling the edit, or completing the edit (moving to a new record or row). The EditTextClass provides a virtual TakeEvent method to let you take control of significant edit-in-place events.

EditTextClass:Relationship to Other Application Builder Classes


The EditTextClass is derived from the EditClass. The EditClass serves as the foundation and framework for its derived classes. These derived classes each provide a different type of input control or input user interface. You can control the values returned by these derived EditClass objects by using their virtual methods. See the Conceptual Example.


The EditClass is managed by the BrowseEIPManagerClass. The BrowseEIPManagerClass depends on the EditClass operating according to its documented specifications; however, the EditClass may be called by non-BrowseClass procedures and objects.

ABC Template Implementation

You can use the BrowseUpdateButtons control template (Configure EditInPlace) to generate the code to instantiate an EditTextClass object called EditInPlace::fieldname and register the object with the BrowseClass object. The BrowseClass object then calls the registered EditTextClass object's methods as needed. See Control Templates—BrowseUpdateButtons for more information.

EditTextClass Source Files

The EditTextClass source code is installed by default to the Clarion \LIBSRC folder. The specific EditTextClass source code and their respective components are contained in:



EditTextClass declarations



EditTextClass method definitions