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EIPManagerClass Concepts

EIPManagerClass--Relationship to Other Application Builder Classes

EIPManagerClass--ABC Template Implementation

EIPManagerClass Source Files

EIPManagerClass--Conceptual Example

EIPManagerClass Properties

Again (column usage flag)

Arrow (edit-in-place action on arrow key)

Column (listbox column)

Enter (edit-in-place action on enter key)

EQ (list of edit-in-place controls)

Fields (managed fields)

FocusLoss ( action on loss of focus)

Insert (placement of new record)

ListControl (listbox control number)

LastColumn (previous edit-in-place column)

Repost (event synchronization)

RepostField (event synchronization field)

Req (database request)

SeekForward (get next field flag)

Tab (action on a tab key)

EIPManagerClass Methods

EIPManagerClass--Functional Organization--Expected Use

AddControl (register edit-in-place controls)

ClearColumn (reset column property values:EIPManagerClass)

GetEdit (identify edit-in-place field)

Init (initialize the EIPManagerClass object)

InitControls (initialize edit-in-place controls)

Kill (shut down the EIPManagerClass object)

Next (get the next edit-in-place field)

ResetColumn (reset edit-in-place object to selected field)

Run (run the EIPManager)

TakeAction (process edit-in-place action)

TakeCompleted (process completion of edit:EIPManagerClass)

TakeEvent (process window specific events)

TakeFieldEvent (process field specific events)

TakeFocusLoss (a virtual to process loss of focus)

TakeNewSelection (reset edit-in-place column:EIPManagerClass)