ELLIPSE (declare an ellipse control)

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[,USE( )] [,DISABLE] [,COLOR( )] [,FILL( )] [,FULL] [,SCROLL] [,HIDE] [,LAYOUT( )]




Places a "circular" figure on the WINDOW, TOOLBAR, or REPORT.


Specifies the initial size and location of the control (PROP:AT). If omitted, default values are selected by the runtime library.


Specifies a field equate label to reference the control in executable code (PROP:USE).


Specifies the control appears dimmed when the WINDOW or APPLICATION is first opened (PROP:DISABLE).


Specifies the color for the border of the ellipse (PROP:COLOR). If omitted, the ellipse has no border.


Specifies the fill color for the control (PROP:FILL). If omitted, the ellipse is not filled with color.


Specifies the control expands to occupy the entire size of the WINDOW for any missing AT attribute width or height parameter (PROP:FULL). Not valid in a REPORT.


Specifies the control scrolls with the window (PROP:SCROLL). Not valid in a REPORT.


Specifies the control does not appear when the WINDOW or APPLICATION is first opened (PROP:HIDE). UNHIDE must be used to display it.


Specifies the control’s left-to-right or right-to-left display orientation (PROP:LAYOUT)


Specifies the width of the ELLIPSE's border (PROP:LINEWIDTH).


Specifies special document formatting information. This information contains a valid string of attributes that are assigned to a designated REPORT control for a given document type. Valid only in a REPORT.


The ELLIPSE control places a "circular" figure on the WINDOW, TOOLBAR, or REPORT at the position and size specified by its AT attribute. It is valid in Clarion Win32 Windows, and also for REPORT structures in both Clarion Win32 and Clarion#. The ellipse is drawn inside a "bounding box" defined by the x, y, width, and height parameters of its AT attribute. The x and y parameters specify the starting point, and the width and height parameters specify the horizontal and vertical size of the "bounding box." This control cannot receive input focus and does not generate events.


MDIChild WINDOW('Child One'),AT(0,0,320,200),MDI,MAX,HVSCROLL

         !Filled, full screen, black border:


         !Unfilled, black border:




         !Unfilled, rounded, black border:


         !Filled, black border:


         !Unfilled, active border color border:


         !Scrolls with screen:




CustRpt  REPORT,AT(1000,1000,6500,9000),THOUS

CustDetail DETAIL,AT(0,0,6500,1000)

           !Unfilled, black border:


           !Unfilled, black border, dimmed:


           !Unfilled, rounded, black border:


           !Filled, black border:


           !Unfilled, active border color border