EnumerateBrokenRules (display a list of rules with status of each)



EnumerateBrokenRules( header,brokenonly )


Displays a list of the rules monitored by RulesCollection objects which in turn are managed by this RulesManager object.


A string constant, variable, EQUATE, or expression that contains a header to be displayed in the title bar of the enumerated rules display.


A Boolean constant, variable, EQUATE, or expression that, if True, causes the EnumerateBrokenRules method to display only rules which are broken.

The EnumerateBrokenRules method provides a convenient way to display the set of rules (or broken rules) monitored by RulesCollection objects managed by this RulesManager object. If the user selects a rule from this display, the field equate of the control associated with that rule is returned, allowing the appropriate field to be SELECTed,


IF MESSAGE(Desc,'Error Information',ICON:ASTERISK,'Close |' & MoreString) = 2

 SelectControl = SELF.EnumerateBrokenRules(SELF.GetDescription(), |


 IF SelectControl




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