ErrorClass Methods

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ErrorClass Functional Organization--Expected Use

AddError (add individual error)

AddErrors (add or override recognized errors)

AddHistory (update History structure)

GetCategory (retrieve error category)

GetDefaultCategory (get default error category)

GetError(retrieve error message)

GetErrorcode(retrieve error code)

GetFieldName (get field that produced the error)

GetFileName (get file that produced the error)

GetHistoryResetOnView (get the error reset mode)

GetHistoryThreshold (get size of error history)

GetHistoryViewLevel (get error history viewing mode)

GetKeyName (get key name that produced the error)

GetLogErrors (get state of error log)

GetMessageText (get current error message text)

GetProcedureName (return procedure name )

GetSilent (get silent error flag)

HistoryMsg (initialize the message window)

Init (initialize the ErrorClass object)

Kill (perform any necessary termination code)

Message (display an error message)

MessageBox (display error message to window)

Msg (initiate error message destination)

RemoveError (remove an individual error)

RemoveErrors (remove or restore recognized errors)

ResetHistory(clear History structure)

SetCategory (set error category)

SetDefaultCategory (set default error category)

SetErrors (save the error state)

SetFatality (set severity level for a particular error)

SetField (set the substitution value of the %Field macro)

SetFieldName (set field name that produced the error)

SetFile (set the substitution value of the %File macro)

SetFileName (set the file that produced the error)

SetHistoryResetOnView (set error reset mode)

SetHistoryThreshold (set size of error history)

SetHistoryViewLevel (set error history viewing mode)

SetId (make a specific error current)

SetKey (set the substitution value of the %Key macro)

SetKeyName (set the key name that produced the error)

SetLogErrors (set error log mode)

SetMessageText (set the current error message text)

SetProcedureName (store procedure names)

SetSilent (set silent error flag)

SubsString (resolves error message macros)

TakeBenign (process benign error)

TakeError (process specified error)

TakeFatal (process fatal error)

TakeNotify (process notify error)

TakeOther (process other error)

TakeProgram (process program error)

TakeUser (process user error)

Throw (process specified error)

ThrowFile (set value of %File, then process error)

ThrowMessage (set value of %Message, then process error)

ViewHistory (initiates the view of the current errors)

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